About Eureka

Eureka is a map editor for the classic DOOM games, and a few related games such as Heretic and Hexen. The supported operating systems are: Linux (and other Unices), Windows and OS X.

Eureka is free software under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Please note that it comes with absolutely NO WARRANTY of any kind.


It started when I ported the Yadex editor to a proper GUI toolkit, namely FLTK, and implemented a system for multi-level Undo / Redo. These and other features have required rewriting large potions of the existing code, and adding lots of new code too. Eureka is now an indepedent program with its own workflow and its own quirks :-)

See the Credits page for more information / copyrights.


  • Undo/Redo (multiple levels)
  • 3D preview
  • Low system requirements, no 3D card required
  • Editable panels for things, linedefs, sectors (etc)
  • Browser for textures, flats, things (etc)
  • Key binding system
  • Built-in nodes builder

Supported Games

  • DOOM
  • DOOM 2
  • Final Doom
  • FreeDoom
  • HacX
  • Heretic
  • Hexen
  • Strife


  • 128 MB of computer memory
  • 800x600 or higher screen resolution
  • a keyboard and a two-button mouse
  • the data (IWAD) file from a supported game (DOOM etc)

Getting in Contact

You can contact me at the following email: <ajapted@users.sf.net>

There is also a discussion forum on Eureka's SF project page, as well as a "Tickets" page there for making bug reports or feature suggestions.


Normal editing:
Screenshot 1

The 3D preview:
Screenshot 2

Texture browser:
Screenshot 3

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