CHANGES IN Eureka 0.72

(Changes are since the 0.64 version)

++ the File menu is fully operational (albeit a bit clunky)

++ browser for textures, flats, thing types (etc)

++ can scale/rotate stuff with middle mouse button

+ grid snapping works again ('f' key to toggle)

+ quantization function ('q' key) which grid-snaps objects

+ disconnect function ('d' key) in vertex and linedef modes

+ automatic sector insertion when closing a line loop
+ automatic sector splitting when a line crosses a sector

+ the -iwad option works again

- split linedefs by just inserting a vertex on a highlighted line
- merge two linedefs by just deleting the vertex in-between

- select linedef path function ('e' key)
- correct sector function ('c' key)
- new sectors get default flats/textures/etc

- invert selection function (CTRL-I or Edit menu)
- draw the camera on the map (a pink arrow)
- move camera function (quote key) and goto camera (END key)

- can find an IWAD (doom2.wad only) in $DOOMWADDIR
- the IWAD is opened in read-only mode

- partial support for DOOM 1 and HERETIC (need -warp E1M1)

- games/ directory for game definitions
- ports/ directory for source port definitions

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