CHANGES IN Eureka 0.74

(Changes are since the 0.72 version)

+ show the current WAD and map in the window title bar.

+ clipboard persists when changing maps, so you can copy-n-paste from one map/wad to another map/wad.

+ various user state (grid settings, camera, editing mode, etc..) persists when a map is saved, and is restored when the same map is loaded again.

+ improved SECTOR insertion:
(a) copy properties from a selected sector, or try a neighboring sector if no selection. Use default value as last resort.
(b) if CTRL is pressed, new area BECOMES the same sector as one selected.

+ new 'Sort' setting in Thing/Line/Sector type browsers.

+ new 'ADD' and 'DEL' sidedef buttons in the LineDef panel.

+ new -port option to select the source port. Defaults to boom. Other values currently supported are: vanilla, edge.

- fixed problem where you could seemingly close a line loop, but due to grid snapping the vertex was merely placed on top of the existing one and it did not actually close the loop.

- fixed bug where closing a line-loop around an existing shape did not apply the new sector to the outside of that shape.

- new outside-of-map sectors now occupy a single grid square.

- File/New does not ask for map slot unless there's a current PWAD, since that will be asked on the File/Save (== File/Export).

- File/Export asks for the map slot after the filename.

- dynamic rotating (CTRL + middle button) no longer scales.

- dragging/scaling/rotating vertices will draw the lines too.

- fixed display of a certain flat (CEIL4_1 IIRC) showing bright cyan in parts that should be black (palette color #247).

- better looking About box.

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