CHANGES IN Eureka 0.81 (r186)

(Changes are since the 0.74 version)

+ support a proper Unix-style installation

+ made a proper web-site (using PmWiki)

+ command to build nodes (via glBSP) and quit

+ texture browser can be resized by dragging the edge

- log file is only created when --log is used
- the --quiet option (-q) suppresses output to stdout
- new --debug option (-d) enables debug messages
- allow long options to begin with '-' or '--'

- handle a pwad filename given without -file
- more lax finding of patch lumps for textures
- when no level is given, find first one in PWAD or IWAD
- support plain numbers with -warp

- look for iwads in the ~/.eureka/iwads directory
- when searching for iwads, look for more names (e.g. "doom.wad")
- if -iwad parameter is a bare name, look in iwad search path
- if -iwad parameter has no extension, add ".wad"

- using SPACE on a single selected vertex will unselect it
- closing a simple vertex loop always makes a new sector inside it
- can now split a line when one of its vertices is selected

+ new 'm' command for merging sectors
+ new 'c' command to copy sector/thing/line properties

- added 'same_mode_clears_selection' config var (emulates Yadex behavior)

- 3D view: support strafing with ALT or META key

- initial support for Odamex

- DOOM: fixed line types 33 and 34 (red and yellow locked doors)
- DOOM: restored the 'Computer Map' pickup
- DOOM: fixed "SW2xxx" textures not having the right category

- EDGE: added slope line types
- EDGE: added some missing things (jetpack, green keys, dog, stealth mons)
- EDGE: fleshed out sector types
- EDGE: fleshed out line types (hub exits, sliding doors, RTS)

- TNT: assigned the new textures into categories (e.g. "Crates")
- PLUTONIA: assigned the new textures into categories

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