CHANGES IN Eureka 0.84 (r304)

(Changes are since the 0.81 version, r186)

+ multi-select : LMB toggles each object (no need for CTRL key)

+ can click on a texture in the LineDef or Sector panels, it becomes highlighted, the browser is opened (if not already), and only the selected parts are changed when clicking in the browser.

+ implemented a -merge option for resource wads

+ reload the wad/map after building the nodes (no longer exit)

- ESC key no longer quits
- plain MMB now inserts an object (like SPACE or INSERT key)
- thing panel has radial arrow buttons for setting the angle

- insert thing: if one already selected, copy its properties
- improved line split highlighting when SNAP mode is active
- limit size of drawn vertices when zooming right in

- allow running locally (without a 'make install')
- iwad search: check more places (like /usr/share/games/doom)

- fixed possible fatal error with zero-length lines
- fixed state persistence to ignore unused vertices (etc)
- fixed inner sector getting defaults when closing simple loop
- fixed pink-highlighted tagged sectors when line was off-screen
- fixed CMD key on MacOS X to only trigger menu commands

- config: can specify a boolean value on the command-line
- config: new simpler syntax for config files
- config: added var: escape_key_quits
- config: added var: leave_offsets_alone
- config: added var: mouse_wheel_scrolls_map
- config: added var: new_islands_are_void

- Browser: faster scrolling with the mouse wheel

- Heretic: fixed the default port (i.e. not BOOM)

- 3D view: can use WASD keys in 3D mode to move around
- 3D view: the 'g' key toggles gravity (walking on the ground)
- 3D view: toggle sprites changed key to 'o' (objects)
- 3D view: removed CTRL-L function, resync objects with 'o' key

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