CHANGES IN Eureka 0.88c (r605)

(Changes are since the 0.84 version, r304)

+ large overhaul of file handling:

+ 'Manage Wads' dialog allows setting the IWAD, port and resource wads
+ 'Open Map' dialog, with buttons for easy map selection
+ 'Recent Files' dialog (CTRL-R or File menu)
+ the iwad/port/resource settings are saved in the PWAD
+ better 'Export Map' dialog
+ IWADs found by the user are remembered

+ new Default Properties panel (shown in vertex mode)
+ implemented picture mode for Thing browser
+ new Move/Scale/Rotate dialogs (via Edit menu)

+ support for Doom Legacy, courtesy Wesley Johnson
+ support for HACX (not quite finished, but usable)
+ 3D view: fixed the slime trails

- added 'd' disconnect command for sectors
- added 'm' merge command for vertices
- added 'm' merge command for two linedefs

! the -iwad parameter can no longer be a directory name

- shortcut key for 'File/Export Map' is now CTRL-E
- swapped sector height keys: '.' ',' <---> '[' ']'
- grid-snap button is easier to use (a toggle button now)
- can disable multi-select ('multi_select_modifier' config var)
- sectors created outside of map now have fixed size
- show a '*' in window title when map has unsaved changes

- got 'View/Jump to Object' command working ('j' key)
- got 'View/Show Object Numbers' working (also on 'J' key)
- new 'View/Whole Selection' command
- new 'View/Toggle Grid Type' command

- fixed rotating a group of things to update their angles too
- fixed wrong color of a tagged linedef or sector
- fixed zooming out on File/Open when map has persistent state
- fixed middle texture when pasting and linedef lost a side

- config: default grid size is now 64 (was: 128)
- config: added var: default_grid_size
- config: added var: default_grid_snap
- config: added var: digits_set_zoom

- config: added var: new_sector_size
- config: added vars: gui_scheme and gui_color_set
- config: added some glBSP-related vars

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