CHANGES IN Eureka 0.95 (r932)

(Changes are since the 0.88c version, r605)

+ Preferences dialog

+ Key binding system, with GUI in preferences

+ Windows port (32-bit) with an installer

+ Automatically back-up edited wads (multiple times)

+ Status area on info bar -- replaces map name

+ Log viewer

- new 'Prune Unused' command removes unused stuff (sectors etc)

- fixed explosion of wad size when saving repeatedly
- fixed crash clicking a linedef flag when nothing was selected
- fixed PGUP / PGDN keys to scroll the browser
- fixed jerky RMB scrolling at large zoom factors

- Scale Objects: implemented Z scaling for sectors
- Default Props panel is now hidden by default
- copy properties command ('c') now copies linedef textures
- swapped grid keys: 'g' now makes the grid smaller, 'G' bigger
- key for splitting lines in half is now 'k' -- it was 'x'

! removed the 192 grid size

- prevent making two lines overlap when merging vertices
- merge: support one selected + one highlighted
- merge command for things -- place them at same location
- disconnect command for things at same location

- when a resource cannot be found, look in same dir as PWAD and IWAD
- when saving over a map, use existing location in the wad
- command line options: '-m' is shorthand for '--merge'
- preference setting to swap upper and lower in Linedef panel

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