CHANGES IN Eureka 1.00 (r1422)

(Changes are since the 0.95 version, r922)

+ extensive map-checking functions

+ validate map data when loading a level

+ texture alignment commands for 3D view

+ splitting void islands now works as expected

+ improved grid, with configurable colors

+ scroll-bars for the map view (optional)

- one sided linedefs show texture in the "Lower" spot

- automatically unpack sidedefs when loading a map

- support multiple filenames: new 'File/Given Files' menu
- commands to visit the next or previous file
- commands to open the next/previous map ('N' and 'P' keys)
- changed 'File/Recent Files' to be a sub-menu
- option to automatically open the most recent file

- improved About dialog with Jason R. Johnston's logo
- improved Log viewer, ability to save the logs to a file
- improved dialog boxes

- support Eureka config (.ugh) files as resource files
- support $DOOMWADPATH for finding IWADs

- implemented SEC_Light() binding command
- commands for setting tags on linedefs/sectors
- Edit / Move objects: implemented Z value for sectors

- the ';' key waits for next key and makes it META

- better drawing of selected sectors
- better drawing of highlighted things and linedefs
- better drawing of things (in THINGS mode)

- show unknown/missing textures in the LineDef panel
- show unknown/missing textures in the 3D preview

- display the lengths of the last few linedefs
- can modify the length of a line in the LineDef panel
- improved behavior of vertices when grid-snap is on

- option to limit grid toggle to a single kind
- option to show grid in SNAP mode, hide it in FREE mode
- option to set the default editing mode
- option to set the default port

- 3D View: option to set the aspect ratio
- 3D View: option to prevent up/down moves when gravity is on

- remember the browser width for a saved map
- remember the 3D mode (the lack of it) for a map

- fixed crash bug when loading or saving a map containing linedefs which have no right sidedef

- fixed rare map saving problem (header lump in wrong position)
- fixed possible crash not clearing selection after loading a map
- fixed wrong linedef (etc) totals after loading another map
- fixed key binding dialog: unable to remove a parameter
- fixed the selection after a sector merge

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