CHANGES IN Eureka 1.07 (r1716)

(Changes are since 1.00 version, r1416)

+ implemented Find and Replace (as a panel), with support for stepping though each item or selecting them all, and filters to control which items to visit or ignore

+ added 'File / New Project' command as the proper way to create a brand new WAD file. The 'New Map' command requires a current pwad, and will save the fresh map immediately into it

+ new 'RECENT' category for Texture/Flat/Thing browsers, and rebound the '\' key to toggle this category on/off

+ new 'Rename Map' and 'Delete Map' commands in FILE menu

+ improvement to key binding system, support for "flags" which are parameters beginning with a forward slash, such as "/new" and "/clear". The 'EditKey' dialog is now much easier to use too

+ Windows package no longer uses an installer

+ vertex reshaping commands:

   -  'I' moves selected vertices onto a line
   -  'O' moves them into a circle shape
   -  'D' moves them into a half-circle
   -  'C' moves them into a 120-degree arc
   -  'Q' moves them into a 240-degree arc

- a preference to show smaller textures in the browser

- map checker can find unknown linedef and sector types

- Linedef panel: swapped the 'Tag' and 'Length' positions

- Linedef panel: always show a two-sided line panel when multiple lines are selected (allowing all texture parts to be edited)

- Linedef panel: don't show rail/upper tex for one-sided lines (can be disabled with the 'show_full_one_sided' config var)

- when loading a wad specified on the command line, and it contains settings for the iwad, port and/or resources, then allow command line arguments to override those values (and _add_ new resources)

- new preference to maximize window on start (Linux, WIN32 only)

- the Default Properties now has its own panel

- Default Props: only a single wall texture now, and shows a sprite for the default thing which opens the browser when clicked on

- added back the '192' grid size

- browser: changed two key-bindings: 'T' now opens to Things and 'X' is used to open it to Textures (matching the menu shortcuts)

- browser: changed key-binding for BR_CycleCategory to '|'

- browser: the 'Sort' menu has been replaced with an 'Alpha' checkbox

- browser: made sprites a bit smaller, can now show three columns when browser is at minimum width

- better way to show how a linedef will be split (esp. when snapping)

- co-op player sprites are now colored as in DOOM

- 3D view: the low/high detail flag is now a preference setting (no longer toggleable with the F5 key)

- added info bar for 3D view, shows current position, angle, etc...

- added 'Toggle 3D View' command to View menu

- support loading a read-only wad file

- support data in a map header lump (such as MAP01), make sure to save it when saving the map (instead of removing it)

- node builder: added work-around for "TOO SIMPLE" levels (i.e. a single convex sector), creating a dummy node and an extra subsector and seg for the back side

- wrote a Unix man page

- vanilla DOOM: do not show "friend", "coop" or "sp" thing flags

- support -warp option being followed by two numeric arguments (episode and map number), compatible with vanilla DOOM

- when checking textures, ignore ones beginning with '#'

- show version _in_ the About box (not just the window title)

Bug Fixes:

- fixed not loading 'ASHWALL' texture for DOOM 1

- fixed bug when saving and using the 'ExMx' buttons (an erroneous newline was added into the map lump name)

- 3D view: fixed a vertical mis-alignment of textures (one pixel) in certain circumstances

- fixed occasional false positives with sector mismatch test

- fixed wrong focal point when zooming immediately after the 'j' (JumpToObject) command

- fixed category of linetype #68 (should be a raising floor)

- fixed clipping of mid-masked textures (e.g. the cage in E1M9)

- fixed not reloading textures (etc) when opening a new wad file

- fixed crash when trying to build nodes on an IWAD map which has some changes made to it, but has not been saved (exported) yet

- fixed key binding list so that pressing 'Bind', 'Copy' etc on a non-visible line will scroll to that line (make it visible)

- browser: fixed patterns like '4$' not working properly

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