CHANGES IN Eureka 1.11

(Since the 1.07 version)

Games and Ports:

+ Hexen support!

  (thanks to printz for doing some of the heavy lifting)

+ Boom generalized lines and sectors

+ treat Freedoom Phase 1 and Phase 2 as separate games

+ added Eternity port definition, thanks to printz

- Heretic: categorized the textures and flats
- changed default port from Boom --> Vanilla


+ rendering of sector flats/lighting in the 2D window

+ easier vertex "drawing mode" using the LMB

+ when adding lines, automatically split crossed lines

- inserting a vertex with SHIFT continues the drawing mode
- inserting a vertex with CTRL inhibits creation of sectors

- SHIFT + LMB in sectors mode always opens a selection box
- better merging of linedefs when dragging a vertex
- prevent overlapping lines when deleting 3rd vertex of a triangle

- much less chance to accidentally drag an object
- when a line splits a sector, use a consistent orientation
- when creating a fresh map, add all four player starts
- allow loading a map with no vertices, no linedefs (etc)


+ fixed texture warping in 3D preview

- sector panel: buttons for quickly setting the headroom
- sector panel: MMB on the ceiling flat sets it to sky
- right-click on a sidedef or sector texture sets it to default
- various layout tweaks to the editing panels

- added "Recent Textures" command (etc) to Browser menu
- fixed RECENT category to show most recent items at the top
- status bar lets you see full message via a tooltip


- new "Last Selection" command, undo an accidental clearing
- added /reverse flag for CopyProperties command
- extended LIN_Flip command, avoid making lines with no right side

Map checking:

- find "dangling" vertices
- detect the Medusa Effect on 2S lines
- detect transparent tex on solid walls

- find manual doors on 1S lines
- don't consider teleport things to be stuck in monsters
- ability to SHOW unused vertices


- improved eureka.desktop file, courtesy Fabian Greffrath
- have a fallback sprite for the MBF dog thing (id 888)
- replaced "Aspect ratio" with "Pixel aspect ratio" in preferences
- use absolute paths for resource filenames in __EUREKA lump

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