CHANGES IN Eureka 1.21

(Since the 1.11 version)


+ line drawing now done using RMB (MOUSE3) button

+ improved drag behavior, never modify the current selection

+ select/copy/paste textures in the 3D view

+ an operation menu, bound to F1 key or CTRL-RMB

+ undo/redo: show what was undone in the status area

- improved ability to highlight/select very short linedefs
- improved insertion of sectors, less "area not closed" errors
- skew (shear) objects with the mouse, bound to K key
- "dotty" grid is a preference, rather than three-way toggle
- default edit mode is now Vertices, and grid-snapping OFF

- linedef/sector/thing descriptions update as the user types
- arrow buttons in Vertex panel for fine adjustments
- auto-align linedefs on the 2D map, bound to a key
- entering a negative "Length" in Linedef panel moves the start vertex of the line instead of the end vertex


+ improved BSP code, can build nodes for a map on each save, building nodes no longer resets the undo/redo history, more preference settings, ability to disable GL nodes, and support for ZDoom uncompressed node format (XNOD)

+ "Test Map" command for testing your map in the game

+ sprite rendering on the 2D canvas (in Things mode)

+ a mode to show sound propagation

- a new "File/Copy Map" command
- a better dialog for "File / Open Map" command
- a better dialog for "JumpToObject" command
- a "Reset All Settings" button in the preferences dialog

- find/replace: added a "Restrict to Selection" filter
- find/replace: better way to choose textures/things
- changing categories in the browser clears the search box
- increased number of remembered recent files
- better default directory for file chooser dialogs
- more useful info bar in the 3D view

Games and Ports:

+ properly limit which ports can be used with each game

+ ZDoom definition file (thanks to Slade3)

+ Strife support (based on the Slade3 config)

+ support TX_START/TX_END textures, including PNG and TGA format

- find sprites outside of S_START/S_END (except in vanilla)

- support for the Harmony TC
- support for Doom-in-Hexen mapping
- added "MBF" as a separate port

Key System:

+ mouse buttons (and wheel) use the key binding system

+ smooth navigation for the 2D and 3D views

- allow key bindings to override hard-coded menu shortcuts
- bindable commands for all the functions in the menus
- use F1..F12 function keys for various menu shortcuts
- improved key binding dialog in the preferences

- changed scaling and rotation to the r key (was MOUSE2)
- changed map panning to use MMB (MOUSE2) or the a key
- changed browse-textures back to T key
- changed grid toggle to the g key

- Zoom command supports a "/center" flag
- LIN_Flip command was simplified with a "/force" flag
- Enlarge and Shrink commands support fractional values
- Gamma command removed, using "Toggle gamma" instead

Bugs Fixed:

+ fixed problem of unable to split lines close to an end-point

- fixed problem of deleting a loop of linedefs inside another sector could sometimes delete that outer sector too

- fixed unwanted rail texture when splitting a sector and the texture name began with '_' or '#' (such as "_WALL").

- fixed inaccurate criss-cross linedef detection
- fixed rendering of unpegged lowers under sky ceilings
- fixed textures in Linedef panel not updating after undo or redo
- fixed exporting to keep the iwad/port/resources of target wad

- fixed panel stuck on a highlighted object when going to 3D view
- fixed unknown texture "FIX" button to not change "-" textures
- fixed bad sidedef fallback when loading a map with no sectors
- fixed default pixel-aspect to be 0.83 (matching original DOOM)

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