+  a dialog to restore map from a backup, and maybe other
   functions like pruning backups

+  allow Game/Port definitions to specify the linedef/thing flags
   which can be used  (rather than hard-coding them)

+  support PNG/JPEG/TGA for patches, flats, sprites
   -->  feature png ??
   [ need to analyse PNG data for "grAB" chunk, or not?? ]


+  describe the four modes V/L/S/T, and their panels

+  a tutorial for the basics
   -  drawing lines in VERTEX mode
   -  hilighting stuff, selecting stuff, dragging stuff
   -  using the browser

-  describe what a wad file is, PWAD vs IWAD, how to play it,
   what nodes are, how wad files can contain more than maps,
   different games and source ports

-  describe basic elements of a map: Lines, Vertices, Sectors, Things, SideDefs


+  a proper "curve" tool for making a circle arc or bezier curve,
   and new vertices would be constrained to that curve, and you can
   move existing vertices onto the curve.

+  when dragging a shape next to existing geometry, highlight
   vertices and linedefs which would get merged, and implement
   that merging.

3D View

+  ability to highlight/select railings

+  slopes

+  extrafloors
   -  create a DrawWall for their floor/ceil and sides
   -  distance is slightly closer than normal wall segment




-  Preferences window:
   -  backup_max_files / backup_max_space
   -  floor_bump_xxx values
   -  scrolling sizes??
   -  add more stuff (see Possible User Config, below)

-  BSP: make read errors more tolerant (DON'T call FatalError)

-  treat sprite UI_Pic in THING panel and DEFAULTS panel as a
   highlightable thing, and possible Copy/Paste target

-  Resource Dialog : when add a ".wad", check for same file with ".ugh"
   extension and automatically add it too when it exists

-  View/Place Camera command, cursor turns into +
   [ need an ACT_ASK_SPOT action, plus a /ask flag for command ]

-  Operation menu:
        for "ACT_XXX" commands, turn pointer into a '+' and
        wait for user to begin action (with MOUSE1..3 or SPACE key)

-  linedef mode: '[' and ']' to adjust length of current line

-  tag checking: check for valid usage of special 666 / 667 tags.

-  replace "Toggle XXX" in View menu with checkboxes

-  texture checks : warn about a 2S switch line with same switch in
   both the UPPER and LOWER textures

-  sector splitting: when choosing which side (left or right) will
   become NEW sector, prefer the loop which DOES NOT include any
   self-referencing linedefs

IDEA: a sector-rendering mode for sound propagation

IDEA: would a "low-res" sector-rendering mode be faster?

IDEA: a toolbar

IDEA: large font mode, more readable on 1920x1080 monitors

IDEA: a key to copy properties TO defaults (e.g. 'y' for yank)

IDEA: MMB on sidedef/sector tex : open RECENT browser

IDEA: for generalized lines, show more info in tooltip of desc

IDEA: when building REJECT, support a simple distance check
      [ i.e. if distance between two sectors >= N, mark as cannot see ]

WISH: a scripting language

WISH: PRINT key makes a screenshot of 2D or 3D view

WISH: edit-key dialog has a button which opens a web browser to
      the documentation about the current command

WISH: ability to view (perhaps edit) a map header lump
      (for FraggleScript etc...)

WISH: ability to create / view / edit / import arbitrary lumps
      (e.g. MAPINFO, DECORATE, etc...)

WISH: can import DWD (DoomEd) format maps

WISH: can import UDMF format maps

WISH: support ZDoom PK3 for textures (etc)

WISH: support DECORATE as (or in) a resource file

WISH: support Windows 95/98/ME
      [running on Windows 98SE requires KernelEx]


-  a way to see angle of lines

-  for the "Edit -> Paste" menu, turn the cursor into crosshairs
   and wait until the user selects a spot to paste to.

   OR: show the objects as the mouse move arounds, similar to
       dragging stuff but less intense

-  assume texture names beginning with '#' are special
   (The texture checker ignores them -- what else is needed ??)
   (perhaps have a special purple '?' for the UI_PIC)

-  way to set uppers/lowers on certain 1S lines (e.g. MBF sky transfer)

WISH : autocomplete flat/texture names in Linedef and Sector panels

IDEA: when get "Area not closed" error, a way to show the place
      where it fails

IDEA: a command to split-line-in-half-and-move-to-curve

IDEA: a mode to show skill levels via color of drawn things
      [ draw sprites in 2D/3D view differently too ]

IDEA: in Find/Replace panel, can filter things by CATEGORY

IDEA: for quantizing a group of objects, try about 9 delta
      positions (x+0, x+step/4, x-step/4 etc...) and choose the
      "best" quantization.

IDEA:  popup menu for right-click on flats/textures in the panel
       -->  Copy
            Use Default
            Clear to '-'    (textures only)
            Make Sky        (flats only)

3D View

-  support selecting things in 3D view, use browser to change
   their type, and Copy/Paste too

-  able to drag stuff around?
   - raise/lower floors
   - move things on a 2D plane
   - move things vertically (for Hexen format)

-  BOOM colormaps

-  BOOM deep water

-  feature "tile_nonpow2"  [ emulate tutti frutti when absent ]

BUG: closed sectors have a see-through gap (gets bigger further away)

WISH: draw the sky texture

WISH: rotated sprites

WISH: bound flats by 1S lines facing away from the camera


-  search box: ',' for OR
   --> split match into N pieces, perform normal match on each

IDEA: when opened by a click, jump to the texture/thing/etc clicked on

IDEA: a way to clear the recent lists

IDEA: using "Browser / Things" (etc) to open the browser will reset
      the category to ALL and clear the match string
      --->  a "/clear" flag to BrowserMode  [ or two flags ]

IDEA: can change the [max] size of the texture/flat previews

IDEA: ability to shrink categories, i.e. say that for things the
      'b' (bonus) and 'k' categories should become a single one

Game / Port Definitions

WISH: conversion between Hexen <--> DOOM formats
      [ perhaps as a script ]

WISH: conversion from Boom --> vanilla DOOM

WISH:  FreeDOOM : categorize all the new textures

WISH:  HacX and Harmony : categorize the textures

IDEA: for DOOM have "Switch", "Grating", "Door" categories

IDEA: add MBF things: 2016 "BETA Sceptre", 2017 "BETA Bible"

Possible User Config

-  headroom button_1..6

-  number of RECENT items in browser

-  browser scroll speed (i.e. linesize)

-  paste_reselects  (true)



NO:  UDMF support

NO:  use OpenGL for rendering 2D and/or 3D views

NO:  Restore last window position and maximized state

NO:  un-hard-code menu shortcuts?

NO:  ability to use an external node builder

NO:  if a given pwad (from command line) does not exist, ask to create it

     perhaps: --create or --new option?

NO:  built-in cheat sheet for mouse buttons and common keys

NO:  document the config file syntax

NO:  when one vertex of a linedef is moved (and not the other)
     update the X offset on the appropriate side (right side for start,
     left side for end vertex).

NO:  support SPACE/INSERT in linedef mode (and line is highlighted or selected)
     split the line and put vertex where mouse is
     [ can do this in vertex mode easily enough ]

NO:  merge vertex and linedef modes

NO:  nicer way to select map, render a small 2D version of each map
     and present them in a scrolling list.

NO:  ability to drag the camera (on 2D viewport)

NO:  when moving a sector and the camera is inside it, move camera too

NO:  ability to edit Lua code for OBLIGE prefabs

NO:  3D view: handle very tall/thin window, letter box with black

NO:  an auto-save feature (e.g. save every N minutes unless no
     changes occurred in the last N minutes).

NO:  a name-only mode for texture and flat browsers

NO:  exchange object numbers

NO:  check that current pwad has been externally modified

NO:  when highlighting a sector, draw the things in the same color
     but diimer, to show sector operators will affect things too

NO:  support Chex Quest 1 and 2

NO:  ability to "remove line 271" (etc) in port definitions

NO:  "USED" category for the browser

NO:  speed up grid drawing when step is small and zoomed out

NO:  integrate Visplane Explorer

NO:  support DDF / LDF / EDF as (or in) a resource file

NO:  "fix" missing coop starts, place them near player #1

NO:  a key to toggle "grab mouse" mode in 3D view

NO:  animation mode, render continuously and show any lighting
     effects and animated / scrolling textures and sprites

NO:  ability to hide the right-side panel

NO:  disconnect sectors : automatically include islands

NO:  quantization should prevent linedefs from overlapping / crossing

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