+  Hexen support

+  Preferences:
   -  ability to change mouse move/turn speed in 3D view

+  BOOM Generalized line types / sectors

+  Key binding system for mouse buttons
   -  convert MIDDLE button (insert/resize/rotate) for KEY system
   -  convert RIGHT BUTTON (scroll) to use KEY system
   -  convert LEFT BUTTON (select, insert-line, drag, selbox) for KEY system
   -  convert button stuff in 3D render to use KEY system
   -  preference for "bindable mouse wheel (disable normal behavior)"


+  a tutorial for the basics

   - especially drawing lines in VERTEX mode

+  information on each binding command, parameters etc..


+  ENTER key pops up an "operation" menu, which provides all the
   commands that can be done via the keyboard (e.g. flip linedefs)

   (could also be bound to right mouse button)

+  an 'X' close button for Default Props and Find/Replace panels

3D View

+  change 'aspect ratio' setting, it should be a pixel aspect ratio
   instead of a screen or monitor aspect ratio.


+  when opened by a click, jump to the texture/thing/etc clicked on




+  ability to hide the right-side panel

?  a toolbar

+  shift-C to copy properties from defaults, META-C copy TO defaults

-  View/Place Camera command, cursor turns into +

-  ability to build nodes only in current map

-  SHIFT + move mouse = keep current highlight
   (issue: SHIFT + mouse press could be bound to something different)
   IDEA: a key to "hold" the current highlight  [yet another mode though]
   IDEA 2: if multiple objects selected, can cycle through which is shown in panel

   also useful if another modifier could disable all highlighting
   (Hmmm : mainly useful to drag-select : have a binding/flag for it)

?  check that current pwad has been externally modified

+  Preferences window:
   +  add backup_max_files / backup_max_space
   -  implement the scrolling sizes
   -  add more stuff (see USER CONFIG NEEDED, below)

+  a dialog to view / load / prune backups.

IDEA: edit.last_Sel : saves previous non-empty selection when current
      selection is cleared, can bring back with CTRL-L or menu

WISH: support Windows 95/98/ME

      [running on Windows 98SE requires KernelEx]

WISH: can import UDMF format maps

-  File / Test Map
   +  make filenames absolute
   +  configurable stuff [ for each PORT ]
      -  directory to 'cd' into
      -  program to invoke
      -  arguments to use (-iwad, -file, -merge, -warp)  ===>  PORT .UGH
   -  support resource wads
   -  make sure the user built the nodes
      (option to invoke it automatically, or not check at all)

   -  each map (via .dat?) can specify _override_ config

?  GUI buttons for NewTag / LastTag commands

-  vertex/linedef mode: '[' and ']' to adjust length of current line

-  binding functions for all menu stuff (NewMap, OpenMap, etc....)
   (perhaps prefix with MENU_xxx)

-  improve Key binding preferences:
   +  "Grab" button in UI_EditKey
   -  "Find" or "Match" button for function in UI_EditKey
   -  reverse ordering of KCTX_XXX values

?  config system: OPT_KEY values

-  make sure Load/Export wad filename not already in master_dir

-  PRINT key to make a screenshot of map or 3D view

-  ability to view (perhaps edit) a map header lump
   (for FraggleScript etc...)

-  ability to create / view / edit / import arbitrary lumps
   (e.g. MAPINFO, DECORATE, etc...)

?  a way to slow down fake mouse wheels?

IDEA: a dialog to specify directories to find wads.
      Initially populate it with the currently hard-coded places
      and $DOOMWADDIR and $DOOMWADPATH.  Perhaps add places where
      the user opened a wad automatically (or ask?).

IDEA: after inserting a new object, allow moving another object
      (i.e. set edit.did_a_move = true).  Perhaps config item.

WISH: flat drawing in the 2D editing modes

WISH: support ZDoom PK3 for textures (etc)

WISH: support DDF as (or in) a resource file

WISH: support DECORATE as (or in) a resource file


+  cannot Undo after building nodes
   -  happens because we reload the map (because the current WAD file 
      has been replaced by a new one)

+  add supported OSes -- e.g. Windows >= 2000

-  make a manpage for the debian package, list cmdline options

-  document texture browser (RIGHT click etc)

?    command line arguments page


-  have XXX_NotifyNewMap() functions

-  replace usage(s) of fl_input
   [ currently just the 'JumpToObject' command ]


+  for the "Edit -> Paste" menu, turn the cursor into crosshairs
   and wait until the user selects a spot to paste to.

+  support PNG (etc?) image formats [enabled by a port definition]
   -->  feature png

-  support TX_START / TX_END namespace for textures
   -->  feature tx_start

+  when dragging a shape next to existing geometry, highlight
   vertices and linedefs which would get merged, and implement
   that merging.

Q/ how to handle self-referencing linedefs in auto create/split sector ??

-  grid drawing too slow when small step and zoomed out
   (since we render a huge number of dots)

   --> create an in-memory image (e.g. 64x64) of the dotty grid 
       and blast it repeatedly to the window

-  assume texture names beginning with '#' are special
   (The texture checker ignores them -- what else is needed ??)

?  when highlighting a sector, draw the things in the same color as
   the sector is highlighted, but not as bright.  Because many sector
   functions will affect things too -- make it obvious to the user.

-  disallow insert of new linedef if it would overlap or cross
   an existing linedef (or touch an existing vertex).
   [overridden when SHIFT is pressed, but no auto sectoring then]

   THIS --> if new linedef would cross an existing one, then just
            create a new vertex at the intersection point.

            AND: similarly if a new linedef passes through an
                 existing vertex -- create two instead.

-  quantization function: prevent linedefs from overlapping / crossing

-  Multi-select : if CTRL is pressed, don't clear selection after drag

-  exchange object numbers

-  some port-specific line/thing flags

IDEA:  in Find/Replace panel, can filter things by CATEGORY

?  disconnect sectors : include islands (perhaps with 'D')

IDEA: for quantizing a group of objects, try about 9 delta
      positions (x+0, x+step/4, x-step/4 etc...) and choose the
      "best" quantization.

3D View

-  option to reverse mouse movement

+  smooth movement via keyboard
   -  call a function in Main_Loop
   -  if did a move, Fl::wait(0) instead of 0.2
   -  handle key up/down events in UI_Canvas::handle()

-  closed sectors have a see-through gap (gets bigger further away)

+  being able to select stuff to modify:
   - things
   - floors
   - ceilings
   - sidedef uppers and lowers

-  moving up/down with RMB should not disable gravity when change
   is small

-  able to drag things around
   - raise floors?
   - move vertices?
   + shift textures?

-  rotated sprites

+  slopes

-  BOOM colormaps

-  BOOM deep water

?  extrafloors

IDEA: a key (or mouse button) to toggle "grab mouse" mode

IDEA: animation mode, render continuously and show any lighting
      effects and animated / scrolling textures and sprites


-  "USED" category
   [ cannot be a SORT method, nor a new check-button ]

+  ability to shrink categories, i.e. say that for things the
   'b' (bonus) and 'k' categories should become a single one

-  don't show categories which are empty

-  can change the [max] size of the texture/flat previews

-  scroll speed (i.e. linesize) is configurable

-  search box: ',' for OR

-  preference for # of RECENT items

?  command to clear the recent lists

Game / Port Definitions

-  game-def setting: view_height

-  ability to "remove line 271" (etc)

-  finish HacX support -- categorize the textures

+  support Harmony

?  support Chex Quest 1 and 2

-  FreeDOOM: categorize the new textures

-  a new category for BOOM's "property transfer" linetypes

-  make player things bright ??



NO:  Restore last window position and maximized state

NO:  un-hard-code menu shortcuts?

NO:  Scripting language

NO:  ability to use an external node builder

NO:  if a given pwad (from command line) does not exist, ask to create it

     perhaps: --create or --new option?

NO:  built-in cheat sheet for mouse buttons and common keys

NO:  document the config file syntax

NO:  when one vertex of a linedef is moved (and not the other)
     update the X offset on the appropriate side (right side for start,
     left side for end vertex).

NO:  support SPACE/INSERT in linedef mode (and line is highlighted or selected)
     split the line and put vertex where mouse is
     [ can do this in vertex mode easily enough ]

NO:  SHIFT + SPACE = no auto create/split sectors

NO:  merge vertex and linedef modes

NO:  nicer way to select map, render a small 2D version of each map
     and present them in a scrolling list.

NO:  ability to drag the camera (on 2D viewport)

NO:  when moving a sector and the camera is inside it, move camera too

NO:  ability to edit Lua code for OBLIGE prefabs

NO:  3D view: handle very tall/thin window, letter box with black

NO:  an auto-save feature (e.g. save every N minutes unless no
     changes occurred in the last N minutes).

NO:  no-pic mode for textures and flats






floor_bump_small   (2)
floor_bump_medium  (16)
floor_bump_large   (64)

render_forward_speed  (16)
render_turn_speed     (16)
render_updown_speed   (16)

paste_reselects  (true)

render_textures  (true)
render_sprites   (true)
render_lighting  (false)


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